Wally the Boston Terrier - 12-Pack


Completed 2-18-18

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Wally's Story:

This is the beginning of "Wally's One Wish". Wally came from one of the worst hoarding cases that this police officer/dog rescuer, Heather Jackson rescued. She fell in love with Wally and adopted him. This is the link to Wally's start which was also featured in "O'" Magazine in 2009.   http://barryyeoman.com/300dogs

Sadly, Wally passed away May 17, 2017 before his wish could be granted. Wally's One Wish is that no animal should ever suffer the life he lived previously. The goal of this organization, is to educate people about puppy mills, hoarding cases and to report these situations to the authorities so that these beautiful beings can go on and live the life they were meant to live. 

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