Guinea Hogs Kevin & Petunia - 12-Pack


Completed 9-17-17

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The story of Kevin and Petunia.

Kevin is a wonderful sweet 3 year old 225 pound Guinea Hog that came to live with us after he was found abandon at a home in Northern California. He was close to death. He had been stabbed with a garden tool and left to starve. With the help of the Humboldt county Sheriffs departments farm animal deputy we were able to get him to safety at the sheriffs count farm . He had surgery to remove the tool stuck in his side. The infection was so severe they didn't think he would live. He surprised us all and recovered fully!

He stayed at the farm until we could build him a habitat . He came to live

with us forever on April 22th. Even though he has been abused he is still very sweet. such a forgiving soul. He loves to walk around his yard with me and get belly rubs after he eats.

Petunia is a young Guinea Hog that came to us in September 2017. She was rescued by a young lady from a slaughter farm as a baby. She couldn't keep her as she lives in the middle of Sacramento and they won't allow pigs to be kept in yards. We thought she would make a great companion from Kevin. She, just like Kevvy is so very sweet. The wonderful rescue owner is Phoebe W.

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