Walking Senior Neighbor's Dogs

Posted on December 24, 2017 at 4:55 PM Comments comments (0)

Whew . . . 2017 has just flown by. I hope that 2018 is just as great as 2017, but goes by a little slower . . . wishful thinking. 

We lost our Greyhound (Lilly) January 2017 and our Chocolate Lab (Lady) December of 2016. Since 2015, I have been walking our neighbors two dogs Rapper and Trinity and recently added their cute Lhasa Apso. I need to get my dog fixes because we have not rescued another dog yet. From time-to-time, I walk other dogs she babysits while their parents are vacationing. Rapper, Trinity and Sparky are like my own in a way, they just don't live with us. It is always a delight to see how happy they are when I arrive for their every other day walks with treats in hand. I call the owners when I have leaving the house to give them a heads-up.  Rapper associates the phone ringing with me showing up. Kind of funny, but I think it drives the owners a little nuts with all their other daily phone calls. Below are some pictures of me and the critters.